Social Media Ads technical specifications


This document explains how to manage the process to build the Social Media Ad (following SMA) and how integrate it into the client adserver.


Web Format available

Mobile site Format available ( mobile apps are not supported)

Social Media Ad: Content and Feature

Following a briefly explanation of the contents and features managed by the Populis’ Social Media Ad service and what the client is required to provide to Populis for each of them.


Teaser image



• SMA 300×250 – Teaser image format: 298x80px (jpg, gif, png, swf)

• SMA skycraper – Teaser image format: 118x180px (jpg, gif, png, swf)

• SMA wide skycraper – Teaser image format: 158x180px (jpg, gif, png, swf)

• SMA XL – Teaser image format: 298x200px (jpg, gif, png, swf); is it possible to add also a video in the menu (youtube video – url to be provided)

• SMA mobile – Teaser image format: 450x55px (jpg, gif, png, swf)

• Tab height: 25px

It is possible to add facebook, twitter and youtube clickable logo in the header (FB, TW or YT url has to be provided)



• Footer logo (link to be provided)

• Footer link and text

Tracking: it is possible to count clicks on header, footer and social icon


The contents managed by the SMA are:

• Facebook: display the number of fans and link to the company’s facebook profile page via call-to-action

• Twitter: show the company’s twitter stream or positive customer opinions (moderation available)

• Youtube/Video: display a single video or the contents of the company’s YouTube channel

• Blogs: show the company’s blog posts or positive customer opinions (moderation available)

• Custom tab: teaser image to show any kind of content, e.g. contest, ticket sale, product testing appeal etc…



• Recommended content: product image, amount of fans, call to action (i.e. visit profile). Not allowed: facebook like button or any other facebook trade mark

• Static custom teaser with link to facebook profile: 295x152px jpg, gif, png (planned swf)

• Required information: facebook profile URL

Tracking: it is possible to count clicks on teaser image


• Display of twitter user image, name and message

• Show the company’s tweets or positive customer opinions

• The amount of tweets is not limited but it should be at least 3 (recommended number is between 5 and 10)

Required information: twitter account ID


Youtube Channel

• Display a scrollable list of videos

• Show the company’s official YouTube channel.

• The amount of videos is not limited, but it should be at least 3 (recommended: between 5 and 10)

Required information: channel URL or individual video URLs


Tracking: it is possible to count clicks on video

Youtube Video

• Display a single large video

• Shows the company’s official tv, movie trailer, single video

Required information: video URL


Tracking: it is possible to count clicks on video


• Shows a stream of positive customer opinion about the brand or display the company’s corporate blog post

• The amount of posts is not limited, buti t should be at least 3 (recommended: between 5 and 10)

• Post headline

• Post content

• Post URL OR

• Blog RSS feed to automatically retrieve the information above

Tracking: it is possible to count clicks on blog’s post

Custom Tab


• Display any custom content, i.e. customer contest, newsletter subscription, product information

• It could be a static teaser image or it could be a custom snippet of html (to be checked case by case)

• Custom teaser image: 298x152px (jpg, gif, png (planned swf)

• Custom icon: 12x12px

• Tab label

Tracking: it is possible to count clicks on teaser image

Script to deliver SMA

When the SMA is ready to publish and approved by the client, Populis will provide a snippet as a creative to be used on a client’s Ad Server or included directly into customer’s html pages; this is an example of the snippet that we will deliver to the customer:

<script> src=” /c4cce654693b242a048e50b36ec40b11/0d8ee71c1d3257f95199cf6f7caa401c/output.js?v=[TIMESTAMP]” async=”async”>({ga:1, placement:[PLACEMENT_ID], clickurl:’[CLICKURL]‘}) </script>


The following parameters has to be modified by the client Ad operation team:

[TIMESTAMP]: ad server cache buster macro needed

[PLACEMENT_ID]: it is possible to use different ID to monitor separately performance in different website or pages (to be defined with Populis team)

[CLICKURL]: adserver click url macro to let client count clicks on its own adserver. All clicks are counted together.

If supported by client adserver, it is possible to add more than one adserver clickurl (up to five). In this case, it is needed to define with Populis team how to split clicks for different content and the script has to be modified as follow:

<script> src=" /c4cce654693b242a048e50b36ec40b11/0d8ee71c1d3257f95199cf6f7caa401c/output.js?v=[TIMESTAMP]" async="async">({ga:1, placement:[PLACEMENT_ID], clickurl:'[CLICKURL]', clickurl2:'[CLICKURL2]', clickurl3: '[CLICKURL]'}) </script>